What is a Model United Nations
The Model UN training programs are designed to teach students how the United Nations work. Participants represent the UN member countries in a simulation game by playing the diplomatic debates in a UN committees. The purpose of this experience-based program is to find common and effective solutions on the issues in the agenda by signing and approving a number of resolutions. Italian students are becoming familiar with Model UN programmes only recently, in particular RomeMUN has become one of the biggest UN simulations in the world even if the first edition was launched only 4 years ago.

The RomeMUN
The next edition of RomeMUN will be held in March 2014 in the wonderful city of Rome. The conference was born on the idea of bringing hundreds of students from around the world into the cradle of Western democracy, but also with the awareness that they must foster a closer relationship between civil society and international institutions, in particular a greater involvement of young people in global issues. In the 2014 Edition participants can also take part as journalists of the most relevant worldwide networks ( Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, France24, Rainews International, Russia Today) or as translators. RomeMUN delegates will work in different committees and agencies of the United Nations, including: the General Assembly, the Security Council, FAO and other Un agencies. More than 1,500 college students and high school students will be invited and selected through a selection test.



DELEGATE: Take the challenge and represent one of the UN members, deal with the most relevant issues of our time. Take the challenge and deal with the most relevant issues of our times. Prepare yourself, have talks with your colleague and achieve a final resolution reflecting your position.

JOURNALIST: Work as a real journalist of a famous International network like Al-Jazeera, BBC, CCTV, FRANCE24, RUSSIA TODAY, RTVE Canal 24 oras. You will have the chance to write articles, interview delegates and the keynote speakers of RomeMUN 2014. A daily edition of RomeMUN Chronicle magazine will be printed and distributed to delegates.

TRANSLATOR: Can you speak one of the official languages of the UN, in addition to English? You can participate as translator for resolutions and interviews produced during RomeMUN 2014 and as interpreter for the news-networks represented at RomeMUN.

To RomeMUN 2014
  • - 2014-03-07 Awards at RomeMUN: Free Seats at MUN conferences around the world, Scholarships for Summer School and RomeMUN 2015!!!

  • - 2014-03-07 All the Info about RomeMUN Programme and Logistics are uploaded on our Forum-Section Logistics and Programme!

  • - 2014-03-07 RomeMUN Opening Ceremony at FAO Headquarter in Rome-March 13th Delegates Registration starts at 1pm