Most distinguished future Delegates,
Dear friends,
Welcome to RomeMUN 2014 website!
It is with great honor that as Secretary General of this 2014 RomeMUN conference I welcome you at one of the most prestigious MUN simulations in Europe in the wonderful setting of Roma Capitale.
Some of you might have approached this MUN world for the first time, driven by curiosity, some others instead might be called "veterans" fascinated by the mesmerizing effect of these conferences.
MUNs are, as I personally like to consider them, an experience to be remembered for a lifetime. Not only an educational journey, but also an occasion for a profound personal enrichment.
Meet new friends, challenge your beliefs, experience diplomacy are just some of the many elements that characterize a RomeMUN conference.
As Giovani nel Mondo - RomeMUN, our goal is that of striving to provide young women and men with an opportunity to push themselves to achieve higher levels of intellectual and academic achievement.
Indeed, I am honored to address such a diverse audience of future professionals, managers, leaders and even diplomats driven by the common will to work together, to share their knowledge, to broaden their horizons and to plan new solutions for the most crucial issues of our Society.
I hope that you will find on these pages the chance to learn what our Conference stands for, how it functions and how to apply to join our team. Indeed, my very personal wish is that I will be able to welcome you personally next spring, in Rome, as RomeMUN 2014 Officials and Delegates. Speak up, be heard and experience diplomacy in one of the biggest and most prestigious MUNs in Europe - where even in our small way, as students, we will be able to change the world.
With my warmest regards,
Sincerely, I am,

Luca Marco Giraldin von Lahnstein
To RomeMUN 2014
  • - 2014-03-07 Awards at RomeMUN: Free Seats at MUN conferences around the world, Scholarships for Summer School and RomeMUN 2015!!!

  • - 2014-03-07 All the Info about RomeMUN Programme and Logistics are uploaded on our Forum-Section Logistics and Programme!

  • - 2014-03-07 RomeMUN Opening Ceremony at FAO Headquarter in Rome-March 13th Delegates Registration starts at 1pm