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Dear future delegates, chair applicants, sponsors and friends,

I hope you feel at home and very welcomed on our RomeMUN 2016 website. I am very honored to be the Secretary General of this 2016 RomeMUN edition. On behalf of the big family of Giovani nel Mondo, I would like to warmly welcome you all to the most prestigious MUN simulation in Italy, and certainly one of the most prestigious conferences in all of Europe. I am convinced that you will be delighted to see all the wonderful things Rome has to offer.

I have myself been witness to the continuous growth the RomeMUN has experienced during these past few years. I am, hence, the result of years of dedication, hard work and passion that others have invested to make this MUN what it is today. I felt indeed curious, eager and of course willing to live by myself the impact such a big conference could have on my personal and professional life. The result was transcendental: I got the amazing opportunity to meet people from all corners of the world and to enrich my understanding of negotiation, debate and diplomacy. I was clearly a different person after my first RomeMUN experience.

I have always considered Model United Nation to be a strong, vocational orientation tool, whether you are a student in International Relations, Medicine or Engineering. Model United Nations will allow all students to create a wider and solid vision of life and professional behavior, more than one could ever imagine. At the core of the RomeMUN philosophy is a strong focus on professionalism and friendship, with our primary goal being the accurate portrayal of the challenges faced daily by diplomats, international judges and other UN officers, which is why our special guests always have a strong sense of real life experience to offer each one of our committees. RomeMUN aims to offer all delegates a friendly space to articulate their different points of views on very sensitive international issues, and to develop networks spanning borders that will enable these future leaders and diplomats to make their dreams become a reality.

At Giovani nel Mondo - RomeMUN, our main objective is to provide young women and men with an opportunity to push themselves to achieve higher levels of intellectual and academic achievement. I am again very flattered to write this welcome address for such a diverse audience. I am sure that you will make this RomeMUN experience an invaluable asset for your professional future. You will indeed learn how to coordinate efforts to bring effective solutions to the most crucial issues of today, leaving behind the scourges that have affected our societies for such a long time. Diplomacy, intelligent debating, international cooperation are only some of the skills you will acquire along this life changing experience.

I hope this site is helpful in giving you all the information you might need regarding our conferences, staff/chair applications, our large selection of committees as well as our fun events during this wonderful time we will live together in the breathtaking city of Rome.

Yours faithfully,

César Eduardo Briceño Atencio

Welcome everyone, I'm Agnese Cigliano and I'll be the Under Secretary General at RomeMUN 2016.
After having attended different muns, I see this as an opportunity to develop a dialogue and I really hope to have the possibility to share some ideas with everyone of you. Muns are crucial for the development of the youth voice and this is perfectly in line with the current policy of the UN.

We will face big challenges in our future and the United Nations is giving attention to the students that will be the leaders of tomorrow.
It could sound quite strange to think in this terms, but probably in the long term some delegates of RomeMUN 2015 will become an officer at the UN Headquarters, an important diplomat or, - why not? - the prime minister of his or her country.
Muns cannot ensure you one of the carrier I mentioned, but they will surely develop your possibilities to realize your dream.
Good luck!
Agnese Cigliano

  • - 2014-06-23 Candidates interested in joining RomeMUN 2015 edition please fill in the application form More info will be available soon